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IEEE Std. 1159-3 PQDIF

PQDIF is a binary file format specified in IEEE® Std 1159.3-2003 that is used to exchange voltage, current, power, and energy measurements between software applications. PQDIF is an acronym for Power Quality Data Interchange Format.

IEEE PQDIF is maintained by the IEEE P1159.3 Task Force of the IEEE Working Group on Monitoring Electric Power Quality. This work is sponsored by the IEEE Power Quality Subcommittee. The next version of IEEE 1159.3 will include an annex with recommendations on how to represent PQDIF files in XML format.

PQView and PQWeb utilize PQDIF as an input and output format. PQView and PQView Express are able to import measurements from PQDIF files into PQView databases. PQView, PQView Express, and PQWeb are able to export measurements to PQDIF files. Additionally, PQView and PQView Express include a built-in viewer for creating interactive charts from PQDIF files and for exporting series to Microsoft Excel. PQDiffractor is a free PQDIF file viewer utility application downloadable from this web site that serves as a PQDIF file viewer and PQDIF compliance utility.

PQDiffractor® is a free PQDIF file viewer written by Electrotek Concepts for viewing, browsing, diagnosing, and converting PQDIF files, and is a free software download from www.pqview.com and www.pqview.net.

Example PQDIF files in native binary format and the proposed XML format are available for free download from this web site to registered users. To download these PQDIF examples, send an e-mail request for a user account to pqdif@electrotek.com.

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